Monday, July 27, 2009

Fridge Magnets

I really needed some more magnets that could actually hold stuff but I hate the look of random magnets.
So I went with our last name. It is uniform and personal. They're also really sturdy and can hold more than just a piece of paper. I just matted some letter stickers then on the back I have self sticking magnet that I got at Walmart for .89. I put a small square in each corner and a strip down the middle.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Homemade Baby Wipes

I found this recipe for baby wipes and thought it would make a great baby shower gift. I am trying to come up with a "money saving basket". Wouldn't that be cool. I'm looking into recipes for homemade baby food and other things but i was thinking about making some of the wipes and then giving her the rest of the ingredients so she can continue to make them. Here is the recipe...

3 quart container
1/2 roll of Bounty paper towels (or other soft towel)
1 tbls. baby oil
1 tsp. baby soap
2 cups of water

Mix together and pour over towels.

I also included a recipe card with a magnet on the back so she doesn't lose the recipe.


I found this great outline for leaving a "journal behind" that someone used for girls camp. There is an adult version and a teen version. I am having a blast filling it out. It really has great questions that are thought provoking and if someone were to read it they would have a good sense of who you are. Copy and paste this address in your address bar and click on the adult or teen and just print it out. Great family home evening project!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Life sized paper doll

The Young Women's retreat theme is A.R.M.Y. which stands for A righteous Mormon youth. We used this doll we are calling Molly Mormon. All of her clothes and hair and lips come off. They are on velcro. All the pieces mean something...

Sally can start with a short intro. then we will all put pieces of Molly's outfit on her and they will all represent different things. so for each part you are assigned just talk for about 2-3 minutes about the topic and say how these these things help us be righteous Mormon youth. Jen, if you want to come up with some short conclusion that would be great.

Sally- Intro/ Smile (Let your Light Shine!)

Jen- Shirt (Modesty)

Candice- Pants (Prayer)

Jody- Shoes (Actively doing good works/service)

Candice- Hair (Grooming)

Sally- Helmet (Clean thoughts)

Jen- Backpack (Keeping the gospel of Christ close always)

Jody- Medals of honor ( Being Honorable)

Candice- Dog Tags ( Remember who you are)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Chinese Food!

I invited Mom, Dad, Grandma &Grandpa over for dinner and I decided to do Chinese food. Then I thought Chinese food would be more fun if it were decorated Chinese! My table is small so my decorations had to be functional.

You can see in the back I made a Chinese takeout box and filled it with rolled napkins and found Chinese characters online and wrapped them around the box.

I also made bigger takeout boxes and filled them with rice and attached the Chinese character on the sides
Also everyone had a name tag with a different panda picture. Pandas are so cute!