Sunday, March 28, 2010

Easter rings

I wanted to make something for my beehives for Easter but it's fast sunday so it cant be food. I saw a similar kid of ring on a blog. This is my version. First of all you can make probably 50 of these for just a couple dollars.

Supplies: small strips of tool
small circle of cardboard ( I used a toilet paper roll because it's thinner card board)
a small piece of felt
a glue gun
Take the tool and twist it up and wrap it around itself, while hot gluing it along the way. Tuck the end around to the back and glue it. Then glue the flower to your circle of cardboard. Make a ring out of the elastic by sewing it in the size you want. Hot glue that to the card board. Then hot glue on the small piece of felt, which will keep it secure and it will feel better on your hand. Note that these are not water proof! haha.

more st.patricks day

I made these for my Visiting teaching sisters and for our friends who came over for dinner. I wen at midnight and dropped them off on there porches ( which felt really creepy by the way). One of the gals told me on Sunday that she had told her kids ( ages 6 and 4) that a leprechaun was gonna come so they made a leprechaun trap. The next morning she had the house all messed up with green water through out the house and the kids couldnt believe that he came. then when they left the house this was sitting there an they got really excited! haha it worked beautifully. I went up to the six year old and said, "hey I heard a leprechaun came to your house" and he got all excited and said, " OH YA! let me tell you about at... " and he went on for a long time telling me how they almost got him and on and on he went. He our favorite kid in the ward.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patty's day

So we decided to have a last minute St. Patrick's day dinner party so When I got off work early today I realized that I really need to decorate to get in the spirit. Otherwise we would just be eating corn beef and Irish soda bread. So, I got together some quick decorations that didn't cost one penny!

(We are Lucky picture)
I found this old frame matting and just threw some cute paper behind it and cut out the lucky letters freehand and wrote "We are". Super fast and super easy decoration!

I found these cute tags on you can download them for free and I just made napkin rings out of them. And I used the leftover green napkins from my Superbowl party. Score!

To keep it green I just tied little green ribbons on the water cups.


I love these buckets that Target sells for a dollar. I have too many of them. Well, on St. Patrick's day you need a Pot of Gold. So I used this and spray painted it black and filled it with gld ribbon and cut out a couple four leaf clovers. It works perfectly as a center piece for our teeny tiny table.