Sunday, March 28, 2010

Easter rings

I wanted to make something for my beehives for Easter but it's fast sunday so it cant be food. I saw a similar kid of ring on a blog. This is my version. First of all you can make probably 50 of these for just a couple dollars.

Supplies: small strips of tool
small circle of cardboard ( I used a toilet paper roll because it's thinner card board)
a small piece of felt
a glue gun
Take the tool and twist it up and wrap it around itself, while hot gluing it along the way. Tuck the end around to the back and glue it. Then glue the flower to your circle of cardboard. Make a ring out of the elastic by sewing it in the size you want. Hot glue that to the card board. Then hot glue on the small piece of felt, which will keep it secure and it will feel better on your hand. Note that these are not water proof! haha.

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