Monday, January 18, 2010

Cookie monster Cupcakes

I am bringing dinner to a woman in our ward that just had her baby and she has two other little kids at home so I thought it would be fun for them to make cool cupcakes. It also gave me a chance to use my new decorating stuff.

I used two cupcakes and cut the bottom of one and glued it to the other with frosting. Then frosted them together to give me the shape I wanted.

Then I used my "grass" tip to make blue fur.

The eyes I used the cake bottoms and squished them into little balls.

Then I just added white frosting for the eyes and put the little balls in the center and put a cookie in his mouth. I saw another cookie monster cupcake on line but they had a bunch of fancy stuff on it so I made my own. It's not perfect but little kids won't care. :)

YW Birthday gifts

Here is what we are doing for the Young Women for there birthdays. I got this pan that make giant cupcakes. They loved it and the primary kids in the hall just about died! Never mind the fact that I made this tag and the girl's name is Emily! Her sister who looks like her twin has the name Chelsea and I couldnt believe that I did that. I always mix there names up. As soon as I saw her walk in I realized what I had done. I quickly pulled out the tag but it was too late, she had already seen it. I hope she will forgive me.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Parker's Penguin birthday

Parker's birthday this year was really fun. We made it a penguin theme because he loves penguin's! So here are some of the things I did.

Yeah for penguin cupcakes. All the penguin cupcakes I found online were really lame so I made my own.I just did white frosting and piped on the black and the eyes with those ready to go icings you find at the store. The mouth and feet are fondant and stuck in with toothpicks.
I made "icicles" out of icy blue paper and I made " falling snow " using a thread and those little round labels you find in the office supply section. I just stuck them together back to back so that they stayed on the thread. Everyone kept asking if they were glow in the dark or something because they look really cool. when the light hits them the actually look like they are sparkling. Very pretty. those were all over not just on the window.
I love these penguins from Madagascar. So we printed pictures of them and placed them around the table. I also mad those "Ice blocks" you see them standing on by wrapping a bunch of boxes from around the house in white paper. Those were also stacked all over the house.
This was the most popular item. Candy sushi! The wrapping on the outside was fruit roll ups and the inside was Rice Krispy treats. I used Swedish fish as the fish and I used colored Twizzlers and gummy worms for the sushi roll filling.

I couldnt resist buying these fish bowl looking jars! I love them! All of the side dishes we served were penguin colored so black, white and orange. What a fun night. Of course we ordered a huge amount of real sushi, being that penguins eat raw fish. ( I also got sandwiches for people like me who cant stand sushi! ) Oh, ya I forgot to get a picture but the sandwich picks I replaced with little penguins I printed off line and put on toothpicks