Sunday, May 31, 2009

Blanket basket

This is a tradition I learned from Grandma Wright. She would make quilts and keep them in a stack so when we came over we always had a quilt to snuggle and get comfortable with. It is a tradition learned from Grandma and Mom to always make everyone who comes in your house feel like they are home. I, of course, don't have a collection of handmade quilts but there is always plenty of blanket to go around.

Treat bucket

I found this bucket @ Beverly's. It was only 6 dollars I think, but I love it! I use it all the time. Whenever I see a sale on candy I grab a bag and stick it in here. Anytime you need a last minute treat... it goes anywhere. I use it for lessons at church, mutual activities, Parties at the house or last minute guests... and of course when I NEED something sweet, it keeps my portions small.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Scrapbook the whole house why dontcha

So, I was trying to think of a way to scrapbook my house and this is what i did.
I used frames with no glass and scrapped a few pictures and literally just taped them to the wall.
I have glitter and words and embellishments and popout squares on them which you couldn't do in a real frame.
Sorry the pictures are not super clear. I need to learn to take better pictures. lol.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Wedding Gift

This is one of my favorite gifts for weddings and even baby showers and birthdays. First off you do have to have pictures... so that is the hardest part. but thanks to email they aren't too hard to get. these accordion books were really cheap and you can find them on clearance a lot at scrapbooking stores. I always stock up when I can. It is such a personalized gift that only you can give. They actually are easier than they look because the picture takes up most of the page. Sometimes, I'll do a page that is completely filled with the picture. If you are a scrapper, this is a great way to use a bunch of those scrap pieces we hang on to forever.

It's all about the accesories! Ribbons and stickers and borders and brads and chalk! I love it all so much!!

Graduation Party

Sorry the pictures are not that clear. Our good friend graduated from Sac State so we did a party. On the party bags i used a picture of him that i found on his facebook (very sneaky) and the Sac State logo.

I made this graduation hat by circling a band of black paper and attaching a square on top. then i used a brad and some ribbon to make a tassle. Can it get any easier?

The congrats banner i just made little flags and put them on a string using cloth pins. what's nice about this is you can reuse it by changing the name underneath and it all comes apart really easy for compact storage( which is sooo essential @ my house) i used the same idea but with pictures at my aunt's bridal shower.

I also made cupcakes and put his face on toothpicks and stuck them on top but i forgot to get a picture of it. They were pretty funny. Wewerehaving so much fun @ the party i forgot to take pictures... bummer.

Birthday Take Out

We made these stand up decorations at New Beginnings. In this one i cut out chipboard in the letters with an exacto knife then covered it with paper. But it was a lot of work so we had one of our girls use her cricut machine to cut out the letters in heavy cardstock and that worked pretty well.

In the back I used left over scraps from the cover paper to make a little stand in the back. *TIP* make the stand lean back a little by cutting it at an angle so it doesn't tip forward. And I have to give credit to someone on Sugardoodle who made something like this out of blocks and then I took the idea on from there

These Clipboards are way easy and cheap to make. I use them all the time and make great little gifts. I get the clipboards from Walmart for a dollar or the Dollar Store has them sometimes. I find my favorite paper (usually the one that it so pretty that i hate to cut it or use it) then I trace the board and cut it out starting underneath the clip. Then I cut seperate pieces for the corners. Trust me, it's a lot easier than trying to make it all one piece. Then I just use a spray adheisive and I always put double sided tape on the edges to secure it.

I took apart a Takeout box and traced it in to cute paper and used the metal handle from the box to finish it. Super Easy. Then i just made and accordion ruffle around the edge. I originally made it for little birthday gifts and cards for the girls.

"Idea!" *Ping*

I saw that everyone was making blogs about stuff they're good at and I am good at ideas. I think. So why not share them here instead of cluttering up my family blog? Young Women's provides me with lots of opportunities to be creative and there are never to many ideas to help make lessons and mutual more awesome! Hope you like it. :)