Sunday, May 20, 2012

Our baby is one! 

I had to take pictures from my phone so the quality isn't great but here is Patton's Dr. Suess first birthday!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Katie's Bridal Shower

My best friend is getting married so naturally I had to throw a shower. She is really into history, books and vintage things so I went with this typewriter theme. Here is the party!

the invitation:

Instead of advice we wrote down some dating ideas because I don't know about y'all but after we got married, date night ( when we have one) is going out to dinner and maybe a movie. It works but gets monotonous and so we don't go. So I thought having a bunch of ideas at hand would be more helpful than the generic advice you usually get at these things. 

This is raspberry lemonade with mint ice cubes. Super yummy.

 Going with the love of books and historic romantic movies I wrote on the chalkboard and in the frames on the ledge there are romantic quotes from her favorite books and movies.

 The bride :
 The party favors:

 and my cute baby :)

Patton's Nook

I am so excited about having this little corner for Patton! I have been seeing these little reading nooks all over Pinterest and kept thinking someday when I have a house.... but then I realized I had this unused corner of my living room that was filled with wires that were sort of covered by a lamp. Then all of his toys were piled up by the TV which also looked terrible. This was the perfect solution! I get my nook and my living room looks cleaner and neater. We keep just the right amount of books and toys in there that it makes clean up so easy! Also, bonus, patton loves to be in there. I always find him sitting on his little rug looking at books or sitting on his chair. I just love it. I was able to put it together with just things I had at the house already. the bookshelf is an Ikea spice rack my mom gave me, the chalkboard sign was a placard that I had left over from a failed craft project. Of course his red cat bench and the tin drink bucket I bought a long time ago for a party. The only thing I had to buy was the rug which I got at Target for 10 bucks. I'm just sad I didn't think of this earlier and I'm really hoping our next apartment will have a little space for this.

Julie's 50th Surprise Luau

 My mom and I were commissioned by my Uncle Randy to throw a surprise Luau party for my Aunt Julie's  50th Birthday. We had a budget of 100 dollars and this is what we came up with...

 The birthday girl getting surprised!