Saturday, May 19, 2012

My Kids Measure Up!

I love our giant ruler. I stole the idea from my friend Jen who has one. Mine is not as fancy, I just painted mine and drew on it with sharpe but I still like it. This is ruler for marking my kids heights like people do on door jams normally. This solution works great for us because we move all the time and don't have immediate plans to settle down. This way we can take out memories with us where ever we go! It's simpily a precut 7 ft. board from home depot, spray paint and sharpe and I used a sawtooth frame hanger on the back. also I used duct tape behind it to keep Patton from swinging it from side to side and knocking it down. It works like a charm. I got it done the day after his birthday! So we were able to get his first birthday height :)

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