Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Menu Board

This is not a super original idea but it is the most commented on thing in my house. people love reading what we are having for dinner! I don't know why but they love it. I have to say this has been one of the best and easiest crafts I've ever done because it has really helped me organize and save money. It's more fun to plan meals when you get to put it up on a cute chalkboard. Also, people keep you accountable by asking... "did you actually have zucchini pizza on Monday?" ( I was asked this today) Also, it is super nice at dinner time to look up on the wall and know what you have ingredients for and just start making dinner. I no longer have to run to the store every day and I shop where it's cheap (Winco, which is 20 min away) just once a week. So we save money that way but also we dont say, " I don't know what to make let's grab Taco Bell". Don't get me wrong we do say that sometimes but it's not because I'm unprepared, sometimes a girl just needs Taco Bell. Anywho, I think everyone should make one. It works great for us!

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