Thursday, May 28, 2009

Birthday Take Out

We made these stand up decorations at New Beginnings. In this one i cut out chipboard in the letters with an exacto knife then covered it with paper. But it was a lot of work so we had one of our girls use her cricut machine to cut out the letters in heavy cardstock and that worked pretty well.

In the back I used left over scraps from the cover paper to make a little stand in the back. *TIP* make the stand lean back a little by cutting it at an angle so it doesn't tip forward. And I have to give credit to someone on Sugardoodle who made something like this out of blocks and then I took the idea on from there

These Clipboards are way easy and cheap to make. I use them all the time and make great little gifts. I get the clipboards from Walmart for a dollar or the Dollar Store has them sometimes. I find my favorite paper (usually the one that it so pretty that i hate to cut it or use it) then I trace the board and cut it out starting underneath the clip. Then I cut seperate pieces for the corners. Trust me, it's a lot easier than trying to make it all one piece. Then I just use a spray adheisive and I always put double sided tape on the edges to secure it.

I took apart a Takeout box and traced it in to cute paper and used the metal handle from the box to finish it. Super Easy. Then i just made and accordion ruffle around the edge. I originally made it for little birthday gifts and cards for the girls.

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