Monday, July 6, 2009

Life sized paper doll

The Young Women's retreat theme is A.R.M.Y. which stands for A righteous Mormon youth. We used this doll we are calling Molly Mormon. All of her clothes and hair and lips come off. They are on velcro. All the pieces mean something...

Sally can start with a short intro. then we will all put pieces of Molly's outfit on her and they will all represent different things. so for each part you are assigned just talk for about 2-3 minutes about the topic and say how these these things help us be righteous Mormon youth. Jen, if you want to come up with some short conclusion that would be great.

Sally- Intro/ Smile (Let your Light Shine!)

Jen- Shirt (Modesty)

Candice- Pants (Prayer)

Jody- Shoes (Actively doing good works/service)

Candice- Hair (Grooming)

Sally- Helmet (Clean thoughts)

Jen- Backpack (Keeping the gospel of Christ close always)

Jody- Medals of honor ( Being Honorable)

Candice- Dog Tags ( Remember who you are)

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  1. sister humes, i can't wait for yw retreat!!! now i can get a sneek peek!!!