Thursday, July 1, 2010

A party to "Eclipse" all others! hehe

I have to start my giving mad love to this book. It is my favorite in the series so naturally I have been waiting for this movie since I found out they were making the series into movies. It didn't disappoint but more on that later! :) So we had a party at my mom's house in Auburn the night of the midnight release. The theme of the party was "Fire and Ice" Because this is the book where she makes her final decision about whether to be with Jacob the werewolf (fire) or Edward the Vampire(ice). We also wanted to make little displays of our favorite things from the book so here is what we did!

Of course we had to drink blood at dinner.
I want "Smore" Twilight!

Actually outside my mom has a patio area that has sand around it so we put up some tiki torches and played beach sounds out side and made it "La Push beach" ( the werewolves reservation). We had a pit fire and chairs around so they could make smores.

These balls hanging from the ceiling are my new favorite thing. they only cost one dollar each to make and they are so easy. I'm gonna post a tutorial later this week cuz they are awesome!
But anyway... here is what the whole room looked like the night before the party.
Okay so here are the "vignettes" we made from different parts of the book

In this corner we did a little graduation party, because in the book Alice throws a huge graduation party where important things happen.

This was our Fire and Ice candy bar. The bags in the middle had quotes and "Twilight" buttons in them. They got to gather up some candy for the show!

I love jeopardy trivia games before the movie because it helps people remember details they might have forgotten and can look for in the movie. I never forget because I re-read them all the time:) The prise for the winner was the new Stephanie Meyer book " The short second life of Bree Tanner".

I thought it was important that everyone have a ribbon since the cover of the book has a red ribbon on it. And of course bookmarks for when they go home and read the last book cuz they can't wait for the movie.

Here is another vignette. My favorite chapter in the book is called Fire and Ice... hmm I didn't even make the connection that that is also the name of the party. ha. Anyway, it is the "tent scene" where in the book Jacob, Edward and Bella are waiting for the fight to start and Jacob and Edward have a little heart to heart. It's great so in the little conversation bubbles I had blips of the conversation that went on inside. It was a very last minute Idea but my favorite!

This wasn't in the movie so Boo to that but in the book Edward has to go hunt and leaves a note on Bella's pillow that says, "I'll be back so soon you won't have time to miss me. Look after my heart - I left it with you." I know, love it!

On (which is on my blog list on the right hand side of this page) I found these downloads of quotes from the books. They were really nice so I put those around and about.

Another vignette. Ode to Charlie ( Bella's cop dad). In the book there are all these mysterious disappearance in Seattle near their town so the book tells about the newspaper headlines. I took the headlines and made a newspaper and made up my own stories... Good times...but the headlines are straight from the book. And we borrowed my dad's police belt and police mug.

And we had a t- shirt decorating contest. Because you have to have a cool shirt for the premiere.
This was my shirt. I really wish that I had taken pictures of all of the because they were awesome! The prize was a ring that looked just like Bella's engagement ring. It was beautiful and I secretly wanted to win it but I alas I did not.:)

The only thing I didn't get a picture was of the outside in front. as you walked up the pathway to the house there were human footprints that we drew on with charcoal that came up to a pile of torn up clothes and them you saw wolf prints leading into the house! Love it!

Okay now to gush about the awesomeness of this movie! It was the best one so far and they did it so closely to the book that I really thought it was perfect. Yeah for Twilight!

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