Monday, December 6, 2010

Janice's Pickles and Ice Cream Baby Shower

Welcome to the Pickles and Ice cream baby shower. My good friend Janice was having a surprise baby so we had to keep it gender neutral... although she was pretty sure it would be a boy. Anyway, here's what we did...

This is the living room. I put pompoms up through out the house.

We had a little area for signing a mommy advice book

The book was called " Advice for when mommy gets in a pickle"

I just love pictures of babies so I had them in frames all over the house.

The whoppers were prizes for the games we played

Since this is their first baby I decided to make a daddy survival kit for Jeff. It had everything for changing a baby and other fun tasks. It had gloves, goggles, wippies, diaper rash cream etc.

These were the party favors. I can't take total credit because Julie gave me the ice cream cone idea and I tweaked it a little. So it's an ice cream cone with Starburts at the top to look like ice cream.

When they first walked in they put on name tags that said what they crave... Either pregnant or not.

This is the food table. Jeff's family brought the savory dishes which were delicious. In case you can't tell those are baby socks hanging above the window.

What's a baby shower without a diaper cake. I think that getting diapers at a shower is essential so we hooked for up in style!

Here is the lucky mom to be who just today delivered a healthy baby girl named Patricia!

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  1. So adorable theme! The photos from Janice's Pickles and Ice Cream Baby Shower were so cute. I enjoyed this post thoroughly. My sister recently became the mom to two kids and it was such a great day for all of us. I had hosted her baby shower just a day before the delivery at one of her favorite garden event locations.