Sunday, August 2, 2009

Chexie the object lesson

I made muddy buddys while reading this lesson....

I started with all the ingredients ready to go on the table.

"Chexie was a girl kinda like you. she was clean and pure. She had great friends and always chose the right.

When she got into high school, things started to slip."

(With each sin I poured more chocolate mixture into the bag filled with Chex)

" - She started to sleep through seminary
- then she started hanging out with the wrong people
- then she started swearing
- soon she was going to bad parties
- and that lead to drinking. "

(Now I shook the bag and covered her in chocolate so she all muddy with sin.)

"One night she drove home drunk and got into a car accident. that made her think. Where did I go wrong. Life used to be so much more simple. But does Heavenly Father still love me after all that I have done? The answer is YES! Through prayer and repentance she was truly forgiven."

(Now I poured the powdered sugar in the bag and shook it up. Initially I didn't put enough sugar in so it didn't turn white and one of the girls said... see how much harder it is to repent, it doesn't happen right away... i thought that was cute)

The savior said " though you sins be as scarlet ( or chocolate) they shall be as white as snow." Isaiah 1:18

Then I passed out little baggies that had that scripture on it and they filled up there bags. It rocked.

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