Sunday, November 15, 2009

Julie's bridal shower. New Moon party below!

I know it's from earlier this year but I'm trying to keep all my party stuff in one place... maybe you can still use some ideas. This was my aunts bridal shower that I threw for her. It was really my first big party, so here are some pictures....

This game we played was a price is right game. I would recommend buying everything in one place and saying where because then people can make a better guess. We also played a game called Famous Couples through out history. It was a sheet of paper that we had the guys on the left and girls on the right and you had to match them.

We just put out a silver tray to hold all of the cards she got.
On the gift table I took all of her engagement picture and clipped them onto a "tree" (branches I painted white)

These little dresses were the party favors. They were filled with candy and a giant diamond rind that was a key chain ring.

I found this cake I think on a link at My aunt is an Esthetition so this a good cake for her.

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  1. Wow that's the best looking bridal shower I've seen in a long time! Super creative and I love the cake!