Sunday, November 15, 2009

New Moon Party!

"You don't know how long I have waited for you"... the movie that is! I've been wanting to do a Twilight party so I did one for the release of new Moon. It was supposed to be the night of the premiere but I had a conflict so a week before it was. Here is what I did... first thanks to for downloads and for Twilight fonts.

This is just the walkway up to the party... Thanks Jen for the use of your awesome house!
This is the entry way... We made a poster that said "Why do you love me?" so everyone can spill what they love about Edward and Jacob. They were all pretty funny.
I always always have a party favor to take home at my parties but this time I let everyone make there own. So, I provided the bags and let everyone pack up the snacks they wanted that were all around the party.Someone asked me what these were for and I don't have a reason but it was one of my favorite things... just a bag of glitter that said "I Heart Boys that Sparkle".

In the entry way I had a set of Twilight journals that Tina had given to me. They were so pretty I had to display them.In the spirit of "new moon" we had stars and moons hanging up.

These truffles were a gift from the Volturi. There was a sign next to them inviting everyone to take a tour of there building and that lunch would be served at the end of the tour... (* For those who didn't read it, the Volturi lured tourist into there building promising a tour then killed them and drank their blood.)

At the party the rooms were divided into : Human, Werewolf, and Vampire. This was "Bella's Birthday". I had a cake that tried to be similar to the one in the movie and there is a bag of blood being drained into the cake and there were bandaids and qoutes all over the table

This was the Vampire room. We had quotes and vampire pictures ( I found all of them in a calendar) all around the room.
Everyone brought an Italian dish so naturally expecting garlic I made these match books that had mints inside and on the card it says "I don't know if Vampires are actually offended by garlic but why take a chance?" I got the idea from the brilliant Julie Nervo.

I found these candy blood packets from the Oriental trading co.

I made candied apples that said " be safe" in Edward's handwriting since that is a note that Edward leaves for Bella in the book.

The napkin rings are Vampire teeth.
Thirsty? I really wanted to do some kind of red (blood) drink, So in honor of the scenes in Italy we did Italian Sodas. so the jars marked as blood were different flavor mix ins.
The wine charms were made with those round tags you find in the office supply section and I just put pictures of the movie on each one.

The party games:

We had a T-shirt contest. I found a bunch of t-shirts at the dollar store and I gave everyone a permanent marker and a list of ideas I found on line. then we mad our shirts and voted in the best ones.

This shirt was drawn by my cousin Sage. She won first place. Second place was a friend Amy who was pregnant and on the shirt she wrote " It's Edwards". A couple other funny ones were
" Edward, do you want to spoon... In Forks?" "If you don't sparkle I'm not interested" " I like my men cold, dead and sparkly."then we played a New Moon Jeopardy game. I thought the questions were to easy but they ended up being just hard enough.
The Werewolf table...

I made popcorn balls that said, "Come learn to 'Pop-a- Wheelie' in the Swan*Black Motorcycle stunt class"

and more werewolf quotes...
I don't know if you can see in the back but there are bags of muddie buddies and the tag says, "Werewolf kibble"

And Fun Gals make the night perfect!! Thanks everyone for coming, I'm so excited to see the movie!


  1. Candice- What an amazing party. Everyone had such a fun time! Thanks for all the hard work you put into it.

  2. Wow that's intense! What a great party! It's too bad I was out of town :( Awesome job!!

  3. You are the Hostess-with-the-Mostess!