Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Humes Family Binder

On my family blog i was talking about this binder. It is my strange attempt to prepare myself for being a more fabulous housewife and mother. So in it i collect things that I want to work on or ideas to give me a head start.
For instance, one portion of this binder is just for family home evening ideas. I am in a FHE group in my ward so I collect all that.
I am also collecting things to do with kids as fun activities that Icome across.

And right now This is what I'm really working on and that is keeping a super clean organized house. I have found some awesome blogs on the subject!


  1. HAHA I totally do this too :) I have a whole baby binder full of ideas for our kids, their nurseries, vacations we want to take with them etc. Good ideas :)

  2. Love the idea- might be too organized for me though. Doing it before kids is a great idea.