Thursday, June 25, 2009

How I "proposed" to Parker

I recently had someone ask how I gave Parker his wedding ring. (He actually did the proposing I just made giving his ring just as special as when he gave me mine. Why should we have all the fun.) Here it is. As soon as we got engaged I knew I had to present his ring in a cool way. Maybe this is kind of girly but he LOVED it. I started by wrapping a paint can opener.
Then he had to get the can and open it and attached to the lid i put a string of sayings thats were lovey dovey. Like, "With this ring I thee wed" And the scripture " the greatest of these is love".

At the bottom it says " will you marry me" and I had the ring box attached. this would be a good way to present any small but special gift. It was a hit... hence he has kept it ever since. It's kind of a special reminder of those fabulous days in our lives.

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