Sunday, June 7, 2009

New Pillows!

EW! I really hate these pillows... except they are comfortable. They needed to go. but being cheap, I decided to cover them instead of buying new ones. Pillows can be expensive... Lame.
I found this fabric @ Joanns for 3.99 a yard and only needed on yard. So, I say this was a good deal. I sewed it like a pocket so i could remove and replace the pillow if I wanted to. I just closed it with stick on velcro dots. My mom loaned me a tool that makes those cute yo-yo flowers and I found cute sparkly button out of her button jar. Viola! They are the perfect color for my living room.


  1. I love them! Recovering pillows is such a good way to make them look new and revived! We did that to our pillows about a year ago. However, the covers are now dying and I need to just buy new ones. HAHA. They've seen better days. Can't wait to see these beauties in your living room!

  2. Love the idea. Mom just bought me a sewing machine and I have a few pillows I can do this with. Thanks for the idea.