Monday, February 22, 2010

First project on my new sewing machine

I have the ugliest pot holders ever. I have had more than one friend ask, "Why do you have roosters?" I agree. Thats fine for someone else but not me ( they were a gift okay!). Well, Mom and Grandma bought me a brad new sewing machine. It has been a long time since I have sewn anything. I decided I wanted to make new pot holders because they would be easy. Well, it took me two hours! Im sure the rest of my family could have busted it out faster but Im just getting my feet wet again. So, here they are...

I was at the fabric store and found this great tomato fabric and decided to make salsa pot holders because my husband is the king of making salsa! So, if it's not obvious there is an onion, pepper, and garlic. Your right grandma I did need the applique stitch.

I was wandering around the store trying to figure out what to put in the middle that wouldnt melt ad the lady at the counter said to put old jeans in the middle. It worked perfect. I cut up a pair of old jeans and used 2 layers of that in the middle. I love them.

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